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Super Tennis Champs - Amiga, 9/1/96


Digitiser, Teletext - 1996

Digitiser, Teletext - 1996

Digitiser, Teletext - 1996

Digitiser, Teletext - 1996

Digitiser, Teletext - 1996

Super Tennis Champs - Amiga

Smacko-felto-ballo games have been there right from the off: Match Point on the Spectrum - and more recently Super Tennis - are two shining monkeys.

The Amiga has never been bestowed with a tennis game of any real worth, but with a name like Super Tennis Champs this has to be it, right?

No. Not unless you are a) Pistol Pete b) an Amiga or c) the Marquis de Sade. You see, it's so very difficult.

Super Tennis Champs pays homage to SNES Super Tennis in graphical content and style, but not in playability. At least not in one player mode.

Playing as Mac (the best player) with the computer as Doogie (the worst), we were humbled to the state of breakdown. Just like in Hawaii 5-0!

Doogie's every shot is an ace, every shot a scorcher, every back-handed lob dips in behind you... steady on, Mr Biffo, we're only talking about tennis!

The difference between the best and worst Super Tennis Champ opponent is this: the best won't offer a token fault at first serve.

If you can score more than two points in a six-game set, you've done a lot better than us. The answer, dear dogs, is to find a friend to challenge.

Hmm... an Amiga game relying on social interaction. And before you ask, your life-sized cut-out of Cat from Red Dwarf doesn't count. Joke!

"Super Tennis Champs isn't so bad, if you've got two joysticks and a mate to play with", says Mr Hairs, though he may be a little confused.

It's the best tennis game Amiga owners are likely to see. Any game with players named Kras, Buzz and Synex must be congratulated on something.

"It's also easier with a two button stick", Mr Hairs adds, and you know what? He's right again.

Super Tennis Champs - Amiga - by Audiogenic

Players: 1-16
Graphix: 89%
Sonix: 77%
Gameplay: 66%
Lifespan: 72%
Originality: 77%
Uppers: Looks good, tennis is good game
Downers: Too hard in one-player mode
Overall: 75% - Soup or ten years?

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