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Slayer - 3DO, 3/10/94 & Feb '95


Review 1 - 3/10/94

Digitiser, Teletext - 1994

Digitiser, Teletext - 1994

Digitiser, Teletext - 1994

Digitiser, Teletext - 1994

Digitiser, Teletext - 1994

Slayer - 3DO

As official Dungeons and Dragons games go - this is certainly one of them.

In more ways than one, Slayer could certainly be described as a 3DO version of that crusty home computer classic Dungeon Master.

This isn't too surprising, since DM clearly took its inspiration from the classic table-top RPG, as played by Biffo and Cheese whilst dressed up as lady elves.

First step in Slayer is to generate randomly your character's vital statistics - hit points, strength and so on - and then choose which race and profession you want it to have.

Every combination of attributes, race and class affects how well your character can fight, cast magic spells, pick locks and so on.

From there it's in to a randomly generated dungeon to kill some monsters and steal some treasure.

Slayer's monsters and dungeons look very nice, some of the monsters being particularly large and well-animated.

Also, your character has a wide repertoire of moves, such as crawling, and looking up and down. Extra weapons, food and magic items are scattered around the dungeon for you to find.

The ultimate aim: to find your way out, and improve your character's statistics along the way by slooping your duvet.

The biggest downside to Slayer is that there doesn't seem to be much purpose. The randomly-generated dungeons may be great for a while, but you soon yearn for a pre-set scenario with plot twists and characters to interact with.

Simply wandering around almost aimlessly, killing monsters and picking stuff up, soon takes its toll.

It's the same criticism we levelled at Dungeon Master, and five years on it still applies here.

Slayer - 3DO - Import

Game type: "Proper" RPG
Players: 1
Difficulty: Tough
Features: Save, random levels
Graphix: 84%
Sonix: 87%
Gameplay: 64%
Lifespan: 86%
Originality: 36%
Presentation: 72%
Overall: 73% - Dodgy heavy metal?

Review 2 - February 1995

Slayer - 3DO

Superficially resembling Doom, this randomly-generated Dungeon and Dragons game is in fact nothing like it.

Right back to the ageing Dungeon Master, we've always maintained that these "hands-off" RPGs fail to satisfy.

Though the random dungeon generator may seem like a good idea, we'd rather place our fate in the hands of a game designer any day, not some stupid 3DO.

Slayer - 3DO - by Mindscape

Players: 1
Graphix: 79%
Sonix: 66%
Gameplay: 67%
Lifespan: 75%
Originality: 60%
Uppers: Every game is unique
Downers: But that's so silly!
Overall: 69% - Johnny Slayer's not special

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