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Shinobi X - Saturn, 11/10/95


Digitiser, Teletext - 1995

Digitiser, Teletext - 1995

Digitiser, Teletext - 1995

Digitiser, Teletext - 1995

Shinobi X - Saturn

These 3D "horse-fests" are all well and good, but as Rapid Reload proved to us on the PS, we still have a place in our thorax for more traditional games.

Shinobi X is firmly in the mould of its MD forerunner, being another side-on platformer with only the faintest sprinkling of 32-bit seasoning.

You have a sword; you have shurikens; you jump; you cast stupid spells. It's so lovely that we actually cried krill!

Shinobi X cares little for such fancy modern conventions as originality.

Its digitised characters, backdrops and FMV cut sequences show some evidence of Saturn intervention, but the level design and game engine would happily dance about on a Mega Drive.

But that's no crime as evil as, say, using a "scarface" mask to frighten a hermit - in fact it's probably a good thing. Like giving cash to the hermit!

So don't be offended by Shinobi X's plagiaristic tendencies. The game is still full of neat moments.

Just see how those big trees are felled: chop chop - tree now drop!

It's so easy to play, though on the lesser settings equally as easy to finish. So don't be doing that.

For sheer nostalgia alone, Shinobi X makes us want you to love it. See also this - the music has been totally re-done for the PAL version. Mmm...

Shinobi X - Saturn - by Sega

Players: 1
Graphix: 72%
Sonix: 76%
Gameplay: 81%
Lifespan: 79%
Originality: 12%
Uppers: A charming retro-trip
Downers: A stupid retro-trip
Overall: 79% - Shinobi X-cellent joke

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