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Quake 3 Arena - PC, 7/1/00


Id Software has a lot to answer for, having almost single-handedly popularised first-person shoot 'em ups and online gaming.

With Quake 2 the firm addressed criticisms of Quake's lacklustre single player game. For Quake 3, Id has given up any pretence of wanting to produce games for single players, and gone all out to offer the ultimate multi-player deathmatch experience.

There's a bot-populated solo game included here but it's so lacklustre as to be irrelevant.

To be truthful, there's precious little gameplay innovation in Quake 3 - it is merely an extrapolation of all the multi-player deathmatch games which have gone before.

The basic aim of the game is to shoot your fellow players with an arsenal of all-too familiar weapons and attempt to be the person who gets shot least.

Any "new" ideas in the game are to be found in the design of the titular arenas, the most interesting of which include floating platforms and insane pneumatic springboards.

Much of Quake 3's pre-release hype has focused on the game engine. Indeed, like its predecessor it's relatively flawless. However, the graphics aren't terribly inspiring and the much-touted "curved" polygons will be met with a vague shrug of the shoulders.

In fact, as a whole the experience underwhelms. Had Id produced a game which would let us deathmatch of a 56k modem without any difficulties, we'd have been applauding loudly. As ever, it's only the minority with broadband Net connections and LANs who will be able to play the game as intended.

Even if you are able to experience a 35-player Quake 3 deathmatch without any connection problems, you're likely to be disappointed. Id has focused on the "every man for himself" aspects, with Capture The Flag and other types of game woefully unexplored.

Even then, the majority of the arenas are generic castle structures or industrial complexes.

We don't care what every other magazine says in order to justify its blanket coverage of the game: Quake 3 is a massive disappointment.

Under-developed single player mode. Bog-standard deathmatch stuff.

Character graphics are nice, but the arenas are a bit dull.

Requires a FAST Net connection.

Will probably be outlived on the Net by its predecessor.

A wasted opportunity, and two years too early.


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Digitiser, Teletext - 2000

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