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PGA Tour '96 - Mega Drive, 19/1/96


Digitiser, Teletext - 1996

Digitiser, Teletext - 1996

Digitiser, Teletext - 1996

PGA Tour '96 - Mega Drive

It isn't very interesting, but you have noticed how whereas EA's sport titles used to imitate their MD counterpigs (FIFA), it's now turned the other way around (this)?

You see, MD PGA '96 is a bold bid to recreate the photo-realistic fairways and smooth digitised monsters (players) that made the PC version so liverish.

Which is a shame, because it's unfair to expect the MD to be able to manage.

PGA '96 is the first radical overhaul to the MD series. Gone are the lateral power bar, 2D rotatable green view and occasionally spartan graphics.

And in come a sort of 3D trace-the-club path power/accuracy arc (which splays confusingly over the putting line) and moderately enhanced views which take eons to re-draw. Courses? But three.

Poor EA. The one time they bow to pressure and make substantial changes in an MD sports update, and it turns out to be worse than its forerunner.

PGA Tour '96 - Mega Drive - by EA Sports

Players: 1-4
Graphix: 89%
Sonix: 88%
Gameplay: 79%
Lifespan: 75%
Originality: 86%
Uppers: Looks nice
Downers: So slow. Only three courses
Overall: 82% - Bee Gee's saline T-sticks

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