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Eye Of The Beholder - Mega-CD, 20/2/95


The latest twitch from the Mega CD's singed corpse, Eye Of The Beholder admirably impersonates the PC original.

That's to say that you get six races, six classes, nine alignments and 40 faces from which to select your dungeon-questing foursome.

And that there's no scaling or baddie animation to speak of, making this one of the most visually-barren RPGs ever.

Eye Of The Beholder is rare amongst console RPGs for its slavish adherence to the genre's stinking roots.

Experience tables, spell-memorising, ability score modifiers - all are here in their brown pomp. Along with a laughably misplaced rave soundtrack.

Why, they've even resisted the temptation to replace the click-on-sword-icon with a slightly more, ah, "fulfilling" combat method.

Or is the whole thing just very lazy?

Eye Of The Beholder - Mega CD - by Sega

Players: 1
Graphix: 35%
Sonix: 65%
Gameplay: 68%
Lifespan: 66%
Originality: 34%
Uppers: Faithful old-style RPG...
Downers: ...and therefore stupid
Overall: 62% - Why Of The Beholder

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