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FIFA Soccer '96 - PlayStation, 22/1/96


Digitiser, Teletext - 1996

Digitiser, Teletext - 1996

FIFA Soccer '96 - PlayStation

There isn't a whole lot to say really, but then again, no one listens to the opinions of drunks anyway.

It's the best incarnation of FIFA yet: virtual stadium, Motson-speak, spot-on controls and so on.

The only real competition comes in the form of Actua Soccer. You see, that comes with a free clamp.

FIFA Soccer '96 - Playstation - by EA Sports

Players: 1-4
Graphix: 93%
Sonix: 90%
Gameplay: 91%
Lifespan: 88%
Originality: 58%
Uppers: Lovely 3D and that
Downers: Actua Soccer
Overall: 89% - Fee Fi Fo '96

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