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Fantasy Football Manager - PC, 24/2/95


Mr Cheese is on holiday today, leaving us free to denounce him for the filthy and stupid pig he is.

He surveyed the Amiga version of this on Wednesday, and decried it as a fault-strewn football management affair lacking in football or management.

Its sole point of interest is an option for up to 15 people to participate in the ugly tedium. And the PC incarnation is no better.

Fantasy Football Manager - PC - by Anco

Players: 1-15
Graphix: 11%
Sonix: 21%
Gameplay: 14%
Lifespan: 22%
Originality: 32%
Uppers: 15 player option
Downers: Rushed, so poorly done
Overall: 15% - The Game at Poo Corner

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