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Deathkeep - 3DO, 17/1/96


Digitiser, Teletext - 1996

Digitiser, Teletext - 1996

Deathkeep - 3DO

A follow-up of sorts to the eminently stinky Slayer, this too is a first-person perspective Dungeons and Dragons RPG, but with more of an emphasis placed on action.

You kind of get the feeling that the designers wanted to make a fantasy Doom, but had their breathing restricted by their licence.

A fair shout, not helped by an opening level set on very slippery ice. Fools!

Deathkeep - 3DO - by Mindscape

Players: 1
Graphix: 78%
Sonix: 76%
Gameplay: 71%
Lifespan: 74%
Originality: 39%
Uppers: A fair Doom/RPG hybrid
Downers: Tricky controls. Tough
Overall: 72% - You can keep your death

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