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Actua Soccer - PlayStation, 20/3/96


Digitiser, Teletext - 1996

Digitiser, Teletext - 1996

Actua Soccer - PlayStation

Mmm. Well done, Gremlin; this is really excellent.

Every bit as great as the PC version - but about eight times more playable and better looking - Actua Soccer is the definitive next gen football game.

Proper 3D sprites, motion capture, a commentary that really works, all the stats and that you would need, plus a neat "making of" documentary. Stick that in your gob, Mr FMV-Rendered Intro-san.

Actua Soccer - PlayStation - by Gremlin

Players: 1-4
Graphix: 90%
Sonix: 90%
Gameplay: 91%
Lifespan: 90%
Originality: 54%
Uppers: Looks and plays great. Mmm
Downers: It IS more football, though
Overall: 91% - Actually quite great

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