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Aahh! Real Monsters! - Mega Drive, 19/1/96


Digitiser, Teletext - 1996

Digitiser, Teletext - 1996

Aahh! Real Monsters! - Mega Drive

Great name for a cartoon; but oh, what a lovely war (average game)!

It's one of those platformers where you control three guys with different abilities, and you have to swap between them at the appropriate moments.

It's like a dream Mr Hairs once had.

The graphics are fair enough and faithful to the show, but the gameplay isn't worth commenting on.

Aaah! Real Monsters! - Mega Drive - by Viacom

Players: 1
Graphix: 63%
Sonix: 64%
Gameplay: 70%
Lifespan: 68%
Originality: 48%
Uppers: Sometimes it can be fun
Downers: Mostly it's just boring
Overall: 69% - Aaah! Dull Concept!

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