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27 November 1999

Holy Moses - I've had a face-lift! And don't I look kinda cute, in a Dennis Waterman kinda way?

I've been away for some time, but you'll be glad to hear that I'm back with a whole new series of semi-hilarious phone prankery transcripts. I truly am The Prankerer Of The Phones!

This week I rang a games shop to see if they'd taken delivery of the special Japanese peripheral I'd ordered. The names of the victims have been changed to avoid "Honey-bash".


SG: Hello, "Scarlet Games".

US: Hello, mate. Is that the import place - the mail order place?

SG: It certainly is.

US: Oh, right. Well, I placed an order with you a few weeks back, and wanted to know if it was in stock yet. It was a Dreamcast Pipe-ston.

SG: A what, sorry?

US: A Dreamcast Pipe-ston. Is it in stock, yet?

SG: I don't even know what it is. You sure you ordered it with us? It's a what again, sorry?

US: A Pipe-ston.

SG: Python?

US: Pipe-ston. You plug it into the expansion port, and - it looks like a hoover pipe - and the end has this sort of binocular thing, and, and, and then you use that and so on.

SG: Let me just check if it's in. It's a Pipe-ston thing, yes?

US: Yes.

SG: What was your name?

US: Dave... Wainwright. The dude.

SG: One second.

(He goes away. There is a discussion. He comes back.)

SG: You sure it's not a Python?

US: Pipe-ston. I have the order receipt in my hand. It looks like a big pipe.

SG: You definitely ordered this thing with us, yeah? Is it a sort of light gun thing?

US: No! It's a big hoover pipe with binoculars on the end, and you stick it in your Dreamcast and off you go!

SG: What do you use it for though?

US: I've no idea what you use it for. It's the most stupid looking thing I've ever seen. It looks like some sort... idiot's nightmare.

SG: If you don't mind me asking, if it looks so stupid why are you buying it?

US: I don't just buy stuff because of what it looks like.

SG: Yeah, but what does this thing do? If we knew that, maybe...

US: I have the order receipt!

SG: I know you have the order receipt.

US: I have it in my hand. I'm going to come down there and show it to you through the glass in your shop door.

SG: You can't come down here because we're mail order only.

US: I can do whatever I like.

SG: Yeah, but you can't come down here.

US: Oh? And how exactly do you intend to restrict my access?

SG: With a broom.

(At this point, we were forced to terminate the phone call due to our unbridled hilarity.)

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