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"Gaming Zone Magazine" - Games Mag Complaint

28 March 1998

Mmmmm... ullo. I am the famous Phoning Honey - the green guy who really knows how to cause a stink by getting up the nose of the squares, by calling them up and acting the prank king.

This week I called a leading games magazine to let them know exactly what I thought about stuff. Oh, boy - I really made a monkey outta them! Hey - the actual name of the magazine has been changed to prevent upsets.


US: Hi, is that the editor?

MAG: Er, he isn't here at the moment. I'm reviews editor. What were you calling about?

US: I'm a member of the public, I'm afraid. I've got a complaint.

MAG: OK. Fire away.

US: What are you talking about? How dare you tell me what to do?

MAG: I'm not going to talk to you if you've got an attitude like that.

US: You're the one who's trying to tell me what to do, for heaven's sake. It's you with the attitude, mate.

MAG: I just said tell me what your complaint is.

US: Oh? It sounded like an order to me.

MAG: Well it wasn't.

US: Good. OK. Now, I've always read your mag and I think it's mostly excellent.

MAG: But?

US: What?

MAG: But. I just said "But".

US: But what?

MAG: But you were about to say that you have a complaint.

US: Look, could you just let me get on and tell you what I had to say?

MAG: I'm trying to let you have your say, but you're being really rude.

US: Listen to me. Listen to me: I've become increasingly concerned over the profanity and borderline pornography which your magazine is propagating.

MAG: You did what?

US: I didn't do anything! What the hell are you talking about? Have you gone completely mad?

MAG: Well what are you talking about?

US: I'm trying to tell you that your magazine is full to the gob with smut.

MAG: What smut?

US: You know what smut.

MAG: No I don't.

US: And the rest...

MAG: Look, I don't know what you're talking about. Honestly.

US: Then it's best if we end this conversation now. Goodbye.

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