Half-Life 2: The Movie First Draft - Top Secret

Edge Magazine #146 February 2005

Edge #146, February 2005

several rounds into body of the HEADCRAB. Gordon gives the creature one final look of disdain, and
runs into a nearby alleyway.


GORDON enters the rusting playground, as distant gunfire echoes off the walls.

Satisfied he is entirely alone, he picks up a concrete BREEZEBLOCK with his gravity gun, and fires it against a wall.

Spotting the apparatus before him, Gordon climbs up a SEE-SAW, and down the other side.

He spends several minutes playing with a child's SWING, throwing it through the air. He tries to jump on to the seat with little success, and then piles the breezeblock onto the seat. He successfully shoots it off with his shotgun.

As he goes about this, there is an imperceptible SADNESS in Gordon's blank expression. Perhaps he never had access to such things in his own youth, or maybe he's only just realised how gravity works.

With the swing still rocking gently, and his thoughts clouded, Gordon turns his back on the playground, and out into:


GORDON skips down the street, occasionally pirouetting in the air. He stops suddenly, and starts attacking a wall with his crowbar.

Is he angry? Insane? It is impossible to tell.

A pair of COMBINE TROOPS round a corner and open up a volley of fire.

There he is!

GORDON fells both troops with his shotgun. He fires a couple more shots into their prone bodies just to be sure. Just to be doubly sure, he attacks their corpses with his crowbar.

And then throws a cardboard box at them.

And then tries shooting them across the street using his GRAVITY GUN.

Finally satisfied his enemies are dead, GORDON hops gaily down the street, and around the corner, where he spots a squad of RESISTANCE SOLDIERS under sniper fire from a nearby building.

Is it...? It is — Gordon Freeman. Finally — some luck. We're under fire from that nearby building, Freeman. You scout ahead and take out the sniper while we cover you. Got that?

GORDON starts jumping up and down, wordlessly. He smashes a shop window with his crowbar, and opens fire on a cardboard box.

Good. We'll take it from here!

The RESISTANCE SOLDIERS open fire on the sniper.

GORDON picks up another cardboard box, and throws it at one of the Resistance Soldiers. It rebounds off the Soldier's head. The Soldier is unmoved by Gordon's actions.

You'd better get going, Freeman.

GORDON fires his GRAVITY GUN at the shell of a burned-out car. It bounces across the ruined street.

GORDON starts attacking a wall with his crowbar. He picks up a wooden palette, and throws it at the RESISTANCE SOLDIERS. Unworried by his behaviour, they bravely continue firing on the sniper's position.

GORDON jumps up and down in the middle of the street. He is shot repeatedly by the sniper. Gravely wounded, he retires to cover. Bleeding profusely, he shoots apart a cardboard box, revealing a medical kit. Seconds later, the bleeding has stopped, and GORDON looks as healthy as ever.

The RESISTANCE SOLDIERS continue firing on the sniper.

GORDON opens fire on the RESISTANCE SOLDIERS. His bullets don t have any effect on them.

Undeterred, GORDON piles an oil barrel on top of a wooden crate, and tries in vain to jump on top of it.

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