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Star Wars Musical


9 December 1996 - STAR WARS MUSICAL

The production of the Star Wars musical has hit further problems, not helped much by my trained monkeys dying and having to be replaced by a couple of bulls.

However, I've been given a role in the musical as the Ghost of Daddy Cool. I appear to Luke Skywalker in a vision and together we perform a hip-hop dance routine. We're joined on stage by the cast of Riverdance, who play Sand People and Jawas.

12 December 1996 - STAR WARS MUSICAL

The Star Wars musical opened last night to a less than warm reception. It wasn't our fault - the show was ruined by technical problems.

As Chewbacca - played by the dog out of Woof! - made his entrance, one of the lights exploded and set fire to Toby Anstiss, who is playing Grand Moff Tarkin. Then, as Boba Fett - portrayed here by Roy Hudd - flew across the stage, his flying harness snapped and he fell forty feet into a bag of sewing needles.

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