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15 November 1995 - SLANG BOOK

Here's some more from my encyclopaedia of slang:

ELLINGTON (noun): The sort of person who would laugh at a joke about feathers.

ANSOEL (verb): To fall into a kellis (see KELLIS).

KRAKE (noun): A bloke with a heart shaped like a Malteser.

LELLIS (noun): A bloke with a belly shaped like a hand.

17 November 1995 - SLANG BOOK

It looks like I'm going to be asked to resign my editorship of the slang dictionary.

We'd been working on some last-minute addenda, when one of the office juniors asked if we'd included a phrase he'd been hearing a lot at a bowling alley.

Unfortunately, I'd been under a lot of stress, and before he could continue I took my shirt off and began screaming.

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