The Man With A Long Chin's Diary


School Reunion


8 November 1994 - SCHOOL REUNION

I went to my school reunion last night, and was attacked by the old caretaker, Raffles. He remembered me tying him to the staff room door and feeling his nose up.

I also bumped into Robon, the robotic headmaster, who taught me to body-pop. Also, there was Husk Jnr, still wearing his stupid energy harness.

9 November 1994 - SCHOOL REUNION

I've been thinking more about my school reunion. It's occurred to me that Eat Senior, who used to chase the school nurse, Mrs Waboon, through the woods, is probably dead.

Datsun of 4A reminded me that the last time we saw him he was scaling the head's flesh generator. Only I ever survived that. Hee!

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