The Man With A Long Chin's Diary


On The Run


14 October 1994 - ON THE RUN

My sweetster, female prisoner RF Fresker, has escaped from jail, and we're now on the run from the law.

We've holed-up in a massive novelty Photo Me booth. Our cover story is that we're a pair of hired joddlers, whose task it is to prepare the booth for the inevitable onrush of foreign animals.

15 October 1994 - ON THE RUN

It's no fun being on the run with my squeeze, female prisoner RF Fresker. I had no idea she'd been convicted for stealing masks from a joke shop.

Now all she wants to do is hijack "mask wagons" on the A1. It's ridiculous - most drivers are trained to bark really loud. My ears hurt!

18 October 1994 - ON THE RUN

I'm running for my life! If my speed drops below a set speed, I blow up.

A crack policeman is attempting to defuse the bomb by hanging from my tum-tum, but boy, am I bushed.

I've been diverted towards the village green, where a squad of sailors have mysteriously gathered.

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