The Man With A Long Chin's Diary


King Of The Sea


16 August 1998 - KING OF THE SEA

I've been freed by my cartoon kidnappers, after they got bored and moved onto other things. I'm getting on with my new job as the King Of The Sea.

It's excellent being King Of The Sea: I get to live in a big palace on the ocean floor, just off the coast of Blackpool. This is fortunate if I wish to score with chicks, as Blackpool is one of the liveliest nightspots in England. Unfortunately, it is also full of drunken thugs.

20 August 1998 - KING OF THE SEA

It's all well and good being King Of The Sea, but it isn't so good when the King Of The Sky comes to visit you and drowns! That's exactly what happened last night, and now we have to dispose of the body.

We've tried telling the King Of The Sky's advisors that he's having a lay down, but after 48 hours of that they're starting to get suspicious. We attempted to hide him inside a big clam, but it wasn't big enough. I think the only option we have left is to cook the King Of The Sky and eat him.

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