The Man With A Long Chin's Diary


Is In The B-Tills Now


13 February 1995 - AND HIS BEATLE BAND

I've formed a Beatles tribute band called The B-Tills. My fellow members are: Dan Caravan (Paul McCartney), Rod Strong (Jay Leno) and Ted Powers (Rangoll Start).

I of course play the part of James Harris. We start rehearsals tomorrow night. I've already ordered a special salad.

14 February 1995 - IS IN THE B-TILLS NOW

Me and my fellow B-Tills have been perfecting our Merseybeat sound.

Our set now comprises: Yellow Submarine, She Loves You, Lucy In The Ring With Diamonds and Sergeant Pooper.

We've got a gig lined up at the famous Breen Club in Hamburg.

15 February 1995 - IS IN THE B-TILLS NOW

Our gig didn't go too well last night. The support act were a Tears For Fears tribute band called Hairs For Pairs.

Our drummer, Rangoll Start, got into a fight with their lead singer, Roly Orzenballs, over a groupie who wanted to find out who had the biggest vest.

16 February 1995 - IS IN THE B-TILLS NOW

My writing partner, Jay Leno, is staying in bed as a protest against idiots like you.

Your trouble is that you just can't see how love can find a way.

Also, you don't understand why we all live in a yellow submarine and so on.

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