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Superfrog - PC, 17/3/95


It's one of the brownest cliches that the PC is starved of good platformers.

Sadly, this defunct commonplace seems to have inspired Team 17 to port over a two-year old Amiga effort.

Superfrog was splendid in its day: fast, bright and with neat novel twists (such as the gambling of points on a bonus room fruit machine).

But for more contemporary thrills, we suggest Cool Spot or Aladdin.

Superfrog - PC - by Team 17

Graphix: 50%
Sonix: 48%
Gameplay: 65%
Lifespan: 60%
Originality: 20%
Uppers: Classic platform fare
Downers: Dated in all ways
Overall: 59% - The Devil's spawn

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