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Super Turrican 2 - SNES, 23/3/95


We're committed devotees of the console Turrican games. Platform blast 'em ups simply do not come any more intense.

Super Turrican 2 should sate the iron-tinged palates of all but the most stupid Turrican fan.

Everything you've been witness to in earlier incarnations has been pumped up like a cushion on a hose: bigger bosses, bigger levels, bigger hats.

For Super Turrican 2, your little man is now armed with a grappling hook, and can naturally still power-up to the max with a feast of new weapons.

The continuous laser beam is rather nice, you stupid, filthy murderer.

These "nice" weapons come in particularly useful when attacking nasty enemies, such as the unfeasibly large Mode 7 boss monsters.

You've not seen scaling like it in an SNES game before, have you?

Super Turrican 2 also puts the SNES's Mode 7 to good use for a 3D shoot 'em up sequence, with you flying a funny bike along a corridor.

It's a fine testament to the variety of the game: every level requires a different strategy to complete.

Though it's far from original, Turrican 2 is one of the most intense blasters available. A two-player mode would have been nice, but the lovely graphics almost make up for that.

Super Turrican 2 - SNES - by Ocean

Players: 1
Graphix: 85%
Sonix: 89%
Gameplay: 88%
Lifespan: 84%
Originality: 47%
Uppers: Looks tops; plays tops
Downers: No two-player mode
Overall: 86% - Super Pelican joke

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