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Space Hulk: Vengeance Of The Blood Angels - 3DO, 28/9/95


Look here, this is neither fish (maze-style shot 'em up) nor foxy (strategy war game thing). It is a curious pairing of the two.

If you've played any of the Space Hulk tabletop or compute-o-games, you'll know it's some barely-disguised Aliens-inspired concept.

You see, you take charge of a group of space marines, with the aim of killing the Alien-esque genestealers.

Space Hulk's missions are many and varied. Often you're looking for an artefact, other times it's a matter of moving from here: A, to here: 7.

You can swap twixt different members of your party, or stick with one and bark out orders to the rest.

Extra weaponry becomes available as you progress, though getting very far into the game will take someone with the constitution of a whale.

Though the levels in Space Hulk are a little flat, they look fair enough, and disturbing sound effects spoon a dollop of creepy atmosphere on proceedings.

Control of your troops can be a bit frustrating. You only have a limited amount of time to issue your orders.

First-person control is even worse. Your space marine limps along with all the enthusiasm of someone visiting an offal fair in a prison.

So, it isn't awful. It isn't great.

Space Hulk - 3DO - by Electronic Arts

Players: 1
Graphix: 69%
Sonix: 83%
Gameplay: 71%
Lifespan: 73%
Originality: 69%
Uppers: Loads of different missions
Downers: So very slow, sir
Overall: 71% - Not Incredible Space Hulk

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