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Snatcher - Mega-CD, 15/3/95


This is Konami's first Mega CD-specific title, and will probably be the last. Something of a shame, as Snatcher is rather good fun.

Set in the future, the game sees you as the strangely-named Gabriel Seed, whose job it is to track down the Terminator-like Snatchers.

It's a fairly conventional adventure, but makes a nice change of pace for a console game.

From Snatcher's menu, you travel around a Japanese megopolis interrogating witnesses, eating clues and ringing saucy party lines on your phone.

The detective work is occasionally broken up by shoot 'em up sections - compatible with Konami's light gun, if you so desire.

The game can be saved at any stage via your irritating robot sidekick Metal Gear. We hated him.

Snatcher is a decent game. The graphics and interface are a bit dated, and at times the investigation becomes a little frustrating.

Mostly though, the game is a blast. The twisty-turny plot should see you sound for weeks. Sound like a dying bee.

Though unlikely to appeal to most console owners, if we mention the gratuitous sex and violence, their ears should prick up.

But it's over 18s only.

Snatcher - Mega CD - by Konami

Players: 1
Graphix: 71%
Sonix: 73%
Gameplay: 86%
Lifespan: 87%
Originality: 64%
Uppers: A change of pace
Downers: A little dated
Overall: 85% - Snatch yourself a copy

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