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Shivers - PC, 7/3/96


Here's what you need to know: this is a hopelessly derivative 7th Guest-style ghost-u-puzzler, set in an abandoned museum of brushes (curiosities).

There are 26 rather irritating memory/logic puzzles, and your non-animated 3D quest is occasionally enlivened by the appearance of one of the 10 "evil entities" it is your task to capture.

You have to match pots with lids, which sounds vaguely intriguing, but isn't.

It is not very interesting to ponder what convinced Sierra that Shivers might be a success, but it's vastly more stimulating than the game itself.

The 7th Guest only sold because it was one of the first games early-adopting CD-ROM owners could impress their daft friends' children with. In 1993.

Stop! Suddenly it's all OK. You see, we've just noticed there's a really weedy clip-art package tacked on to this.

Shivers - PC CD-ROM - by Sierra

Req: Win DX 8Mb
Graphix: 37%
Sonix: 72%
Gameplay: 30%
Lifespan: 30%
Originality: 30%
Uppers: It doesn't last very long
Downers: Boring, unscary, old hat
Overall: 36% - Regal (Chivas Regal) (whisky)

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