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Secret Of Evermore - SNES, 14/3/96


We think... we think we don't want any RPGs like this.

It's not bad or anything, and by using a tweaked version of the control system seen in Secret Of Mana, Square has kept it eminently playable.

It's just that - despite starting out in the "real world" - the game is still all orcs and bug-a-bugs and fighting man-eating plants and that. But you do get to play as your heart (dog)!

To anyone who has played Zelda or Mana, Secret Of Evermore is a barely-inspired extension of the two.

Newcomers, though, will lap it up and the game is typically huge. Weeks, if not months, of concerted play will undoubtedly be required to finish it.

But we can't help feeling just a little disappointed, nay, bored. Mario RPG and Zelda V should really set our RPG hats ablaze later this year.

Secret Of Evermore - SNES - by Nintendo

Players: 1
Graphix: 76%
Sonix: 77%
Gameplay: 82%
Lifespan: 87%
Originality: 81%
Uppers: A massive sort of game
Downers: Same old storylines
Overall: 80% - Secret of Barrymore

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