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Ristar - Mega Drive, 23/3/95


Not since the Yosser demo on the old BBC has a game been based around headbutting. However, there's headbutting and there's headbutting.

Ristar follows the path of the latter, nicer variety.

You control some sort of starfish thing with stretchy arms. He does away with the enemy by grabbing hold of them and smacking his face into theirs.

Aside from the obvious differences in doing away with the nasties, Ristar has a distinctive Sonic quality.

The structure of the game is very similar - as are the graphics.

It's perhaps the curious feeling of pure playability coupled with very little challenge or depth that urges us to draw comparisons.

Don't get us wrong - it's a fun game. But so is throwing batteries into a fire. But don't you do that, now.

Ristar - Mega Drive by Sega

Players: 1
Graphix: 83%
Sonix: 80%
Gameplay: 86%
Lifespan: 80%
Originality: 49%
Uppers: Smooth and playable, daddy
Downers: Another platformer
Overall: 79% - Pilau Ristar joke

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