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Race Days - Game Boy, 23/1/95


"Two games in one!" boasts the box blurb. Indeed, though it's likely that you'd only want to play one of them.

The one you wouldn't want to play is a rally race, viewed throught the windscreen of your lovely car. Jerky graphics and impossible control will exclude this from your play list.

The other is an overhead Micro Machines derivative. Addictive and playable, if a little too easy. Not an essential.

Race Days - Game Boy - by Gametek

Players: 1
Graphix: 60%
Sonix: 53%
Gameplay: 76%
Lifespan: 77%
Originality: 69%
Uppers: Hey - two games in one!
Downers: Only one of them is decent
Overall: 76% - Egg on your race

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