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Kiyeko - PC, 16/10/95


Despite all those sour-froth ads depicting amazing and beaming families huddled around their PC in awe of the latest generation-spanning multimedia event, most kids' software is pig-scum.

Some wearily "zany" cartoon Professor Giggle-Maths teaching kids division by parping a horn whilst the Grammar Cat scratches verb endings on its stomach.

With only the most cursory of nods towards edutainment, Kiyeko is... better.

Kiyeko tells the tale of a load of Amazonian Indians. But before you anticipate another turgid eco-lecture, take your hands out of that fontanelle.

Look, it's only a fairytale about some snakes who steal the night.

Narrated by Ben "Rentaghost" Kingsley, each of the story's 11 "pages" features around 20 click-on-me comic tableaux.

Monkeys bark, paw-paws careen into a crying donkey's scared flanks.

What gives Kiyeko a crucial dose of long-term appeal is the variation in click-on response. Click on a lizard once and he might shiver: do it again and see him shimmer!

Just as well - with only 11 pages even the stupidest four-year-old would quickly experience breathing difficulties.

And if your children's brains are hot and powerful, you can upset them by switching between Mr Kingsley and a strident Bavarian.

Kiyeko - PC CD-ROM - by Ubisoft

Req: 4MbR Win
Graphix: 79%
Sonix: 88%
Gameplay: 78%
Lifespan: 64%
Originality: 82%
Uppers: Simple slapstick fun
Downers: Only 11 "scenes"
Overall: 81% - Kokama: by the Beach Boys!

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