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Jumping Flash - PlayStation, 5/10/95


Question: What do you get when you cross Super Mario World with Doom? Answer: Nucleic acid.

That isn't true. The answer must surely be Jumping Flash - a game in which you control a robot rabbit, leaping around a bizarre floating archipelago.

Your aim? Collect the carrot-shaped powerpods. Your opposition? Frogs and spiders and giant dragons.

You see, Jumping Flash is a little bit different from your normal platformer: you play the game through the eyes of the character you control.

Whilst leaping on the enemy may sound a little impractical this way, you needn't worry.

With a second press of the jump button, you soar even higher, looking down in horror between your little rabbit legs to see where you'll be landing.

Jumping Flash is not recommended for those suffering from vertigo, festering bilharzia, lockjaw or smallpox.

So lofty are the heights to which you leap - and so realistic the effect as you vault houses, statues and trees - you'll be keen to strap yourself down.

Aside from jumping on skulls, Mr Rabbit can shoot enemies or select something from his special weapon list.

It reallly is quite nice.

Jumping Flash, it must be said, is quite remarkable - an original idea possible only through the technology now available.

The graphics - though maybe a little plain in places - are fluid, fast, and almost totally glitch-free.

And leaping around the cleverly-designed floating levels feels like nothing else.

But we shed a tear: Jumping Flash is such an easy game. Let's see a sequel.

Jumping Flash - PlayStation - by Sony

Players: 1
Graphix: 90%
Sonix: 89%
Gameplay: 92%
Lifespan: 78%
Originality: 96%
Uppers: So damned original, dad
Downers: We wish there was more
Overall: 87% - Flash... ahh-ahhh (cough)

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