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Great Naval Battles 4 - PC, 15/2/96


Question: What's the best joke ever?

Answer: Gand-eaters!

That's OK. Indistinguishable in all but setting from last year's GNB3, this is another chance to watch tiny icons move really slowly across a big blue square.

Sink the Bismarck, Pull the Hood: these are just two of the 1939-42 scenarios available to ravage your soul.

Great Naval Battles 4 wouldn't pretend to be the glossiest fund angel (naval warfare sim) in town, with its welter of bland menu screens and dull map.

But don't take on so, ma'am: even the best presented of the genre (Aces of the Deep) isn't hugely better.

And look at zees: 130 ships, dozens of real battles (with tweakable scenarios) and a nice Random Battle Generator - for the Biffos of the world with a more risk-taking bent.

Great Naval Battles 4 - PC CD-ROM - by Mindscape

Req: 8MbR 386/33
Graphix: 61%
Sonix: 62%
Gameplay: 73%
Lifespan: 87%
Originality: 39%
Uppers: Big
Downers: Bland
Overall: 70% - Anne of Great Navals

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