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Front Page Sports Football Pro '96 - PC, 12/2/96


We wish everything to do with American Football could be stuffed into a picnic egg and be eaten up, but that probably isn't going to happen.

Normally, this loathing prevents us from giving these sort of games a fair review, but we're prepared to make an exception for this.

This is because it is without question the best US footer around.

Football Pro '96 initially delights with its SVGA camera-roving. Our delight ended immediatedly afterwards, but if you must know, there are 10,000 plays and all 30 NFL teams.

It's also much more manageable than most of these stupid games. Sifting through the play options and putting them into action is as straightforward as drawing a snake on your face.

We don't really care, but Madden NFL '96 might turn out to better.

Front Page Sports Football Pro '96 - PC CD-ROM - by Sierra

Req: 8MbR DX2
Graphix: 89%
Sonix: 71%
Gameplay: 80%
Lifespan: 82%
Originality: 41%
Uppers: Very good. Very cheap
Downers: Still no action, son
Overall: 83% - Miss American Pie (Football)

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