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Dungeon Master 2 - PC, 15/9/95


Ahead of its time by one thousand years, 1987's Dungeon Master laid the planks on the covered walkway since trodden upon by not only all subsequent RPGs, but all those Doom shooties.

Its first-person 3D-ish fork and point-and-click knife made a whole generation spoon.

Hard to believe it's taken eight years for a sequel - but that's your fault.

Given the mighty hardware strides taken since 1987, what's immediatedly shocking about Dungeon Master 2 is that it looks and plays in an eerily familiar vein.

Same one-square-forward movement, same rather unwieldly flurry of clicks to open, search and plunder chests.

Despite the SVGA option and three non-dungeon worlds, it's a decidedly retro experience that's unlikely to appeal to non-DM fans.

Dungeon Master 2 - PC CD-ROM - by Interplay

Req: 386/25 4Mb RAM
Graphix: 61%
Sonix: 63%
Gameplay: 72%
Lifespan: 79%
Originality: 53%
Uppers: Tried and tested RPG formula
Downers: More like a DM add-on
Overall: 69% - Duncan Parderhew

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