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Comix Zone - Mega Drive, 18/10/95


Question: How many games based on real comic books have been any good? Answer: Few games.

This makes us feel all funny about Comix Zone - you see, it's a beat 'em up set inside the pages of a fictional comic book.

Does that sound a bit funny? It is. You leap from panel to panel - enemies being drawn onto the "page" by the artist's giant slug (hand).

Comix Zone makes the most of those peculiar comic book conventions.

Batman-style "Biffs", "Pows" and "Trotski-doos" litter your battles, whilst speech bubbles spurt from your fighter's rotting gob.

Visually, it's all rather lovely. One of the best-looking games, indeed, ever to grace the Mega Drive.

What else? Oh yes. Though it plays like any other beat 'em up, there are minor puzzles to overcome. How so?

Comix Zone occasionally hinders your progress with a spinning blade or falling block or spike.

Often you simply throw your pet rat at a switch; elsewhere you push explosives beneath the offending obstacle. It breaks the beat 'em up monopoly - mahogany (monotony) - nicely.

But as brilliant as it first seems, Comix Zone has problems. Problems that not even the free CD of the in-game music can stop you from living through.

Though Sega would probably argue that the game is foxy, we'd say Comix Zone was damned unfair.

If your pocket is free of explosives, you've no choice but to punch doors and barrels out of the way. This activity eats away at your health.

Also, you only get one life - and only one continue per level.

The harsh difficulty factor spoils a potentially classic title.

Comix Zone - Mega Drive - by Sega

Players: 1
Graphix: 86%
Sonix: 82%
Gameplay: 76%
Lifespan: 74%
Originality: 79%
Uppers: Such a neat idea, dad!
Downers: Too damn unfair
Overall: 79% - Chronic loan

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