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Caesar - PC, 29/2/96


Ancient Rome is a perfect scenario for a god sim: pan-continental empire, big fights, authoritarianism and people making themselves sick.

And, indeed, this might have been the perfect realisation. In 1990.

Now look: overhead graphics so basic your 486 will shoot over them with Biffo-like uncontrollability, and a weedy AI designed for 640k RAM. Buy Populous, or wait for Caesar 2.

Caesar - PC CD-ROM - by Sierra Original

Req: 386/16, 640k
Graphix: 11%
Sonix: 25%
Gameplay: 40%
Lifespan: 62%
Originality: 74%
Uppers: Runs on an abacus
Downers: Falls off the abacus
Overall: 27% - Jolly bad fellow

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