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Biker Mice From Mars - SNES, 16/3/95


After a glittery merchandising launch at Planet Hollywood last year, the Biker Mice have magnificently failed to set the UK alight.

Reason: a two-pronged assault from the Power Rangers and the Big Breakfast's insistence on chopping episodes into little bits.

And they're not very good, either.

But none of this has stopped Konami. Biker Mice From Mars' nearest cousin is Rock 'n' Roll Racing.

Both feature isometric race courses, and a good degree of bashy-car-o. Or Bashy-bike-o in the case of Biker Mice.

You have a choice of six racers, each with their own special attack and abilities. The obvious aim being the first to pass the finishing line.

Each course has its own hazards, from spikes, to water, to jets of flame.

The slick control of Biker Mice From Mars is backed-up with some fantastic animation and back-drops.

The race arenas range from urban settings through to sewers, and each has been deliciously illustrated.

Though it has a two-player mode, this is no Mario Kart or Street Racer, but if you are looking for something new and didn't buy Rock 'n' Roll Racing, check it out.

Velly nice. Velly polished.

Biker Mice From Mars - SNES - by Konami

Players: 1-2
Graphix: 85%
Sonix: 82%
Gameplay: 84%
Lifespan: 83%
Originality: 64%
Uppers: Looks incredible
Downers: Bit of a smelly license
Overall: 83% - We like-a Mice from Mars

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