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Getting A Deal

11 December 1999

Honkin' franks! I'm Phoning Honey, the prankiest phoner-upper in all England.

It's my job to call games shops, and lie to them - pretending to be someone, or somesuch - in order to provide you, the viewer, with a hilarious telephone conversation transcript to read.

As ever, for the benefit of my own well-being, I have changed the name of this week's shop to prevent the beats to Honey's head. Phone-on!


SG: Hello, "Sparkle Games".

US: Excuse me? Yes? What? I understand you're a salesman of games.

SG: We sell games, yes. And hardware.

US: I understand. I also understand that Christmas is coming up, and that you may be able to do me some deals on the games and the hardware.

SG: Well, maybe. What are you after?

US: Well, I went to a shop around the corner from you, and they said they could provide me with four Dreamcasts, two joypads, and loads of games for under 300 quid.

SG: Four Dreamcasts?!?

US: Yes. I have stereoscopic vision.

SG: Uh... heh. Well, I wouldn't want one Dreamcast, personally.

US: I'm sorry?

SG: Nothing! Don't worry.

US: So, can you better the deal of your so-called rival?

SG: Not for under £300. We're doing a pack-in with any five games for £350, I think it is.

US: But, technically, that isn't better than the other deal.

SG: Well, of course not.

US: Then why are you wasting my time?

SG: Why are you wasting my time?

US: The customer is always right. You talking to me with that attitude could give you a world of trouble.

SG: I don't think so.

US: I do.

SG: I don't care. I'm deputy manager.

US: Yeah? Well, I'm the manager, and I've been doing a test to see how good you are, and you failed.

SG: No, I didn't. I can see my manager from here. He's by the games.


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