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N64-Oh Calls

18 August 1996

I am Phoning Honey - king of the phoning pranksters and game-shop-oh worksters.

My ringing is 1) good for you and c) OK to do alone, so why don't I do another of my splendid pranks themed around the lovely N64 and that?

As a special favour I've not only changed the names of the shops to protect you, but I've changed my name to match yours. You idiot!


US: Mother, you've come back!

NG: Hello...?

US: Alright? Listen, I want that new Nintendo thang, but I want to know a little bit of stuff about this thang.

NG: You mean the N64? OK...

US: They're good - good and expensive?

NG: Well, they are quite expensive at the moment, as they're imported from Japan... hello?

US: Are you still there? Look, how much will I be shelling out for this?

NG: With Mario 64 it'll cost you £530.

US: Splendid, can you wrap me up three of them - one each for my mum and dad.

NG: Three?! I'll just check we've got three of them left.

US: Before you leave me, tell me, just between us - is it worth the cash?

NG: Umm... Mario is an excellent game.

US: You said Japan earlier - will that be a problem to you or I?

NG: We'll convert the console for you, but the game is in Japanese.

US: Do I look as though I read the Japanese words? You can keep your funny machines, idiot-boy. Cheers!


OK: OK Con-soals.

US: OK yourself - tell me, did you like that little introduction?

OK: I've never heard that before.

US: Enough! I must have an N64 before sunset. Your life depends on it. I have £500 to spend. Any takers?

OK: Well, that'll get you the machine...

US: You imply there will be more expenditure - is that fair?

OK: If you want both the available games, it'll cost £580.

US: Suppose I give you a Mega Drive in a part-exchange style?

OK: I'll just check... (puts hand over phone)... hello? How many games has it got with it?

US: I haven't even bought it yet!

OK: We can probably do you a deal if you've got, say, five good games with your MD in an exchange plus cash.

US: That's an incredible amount. Is this N64 worth these things?

OK: It's the most powerful console yet and Mario is the best game I've ever played. Everyone in the shop agrees.

US: But what do you know? You could be an imposter or even a clown.

OK: All the games mags love Mario 64 too. It's getting high 90%s everywhere.

US: OK, so it's good. Will I be under arrest if I buy this imported machine?

OK: No - it's not illegal.

US: Danger?

OK: We've not had any problems.

US: The thing is, you've put me off with your brash tone. Goodbye now!

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