The Man With A Long Chin's Diary


Modifying A PlayStation

28 December 1996

I'm Phoning Honey, the wonderful prankster who uses the phone for fun.

With the Christmas season all-but dead, I have one final opportunity to (Christmas) present you with my latest phoning ruse.

If I never see you again, I hope you have a very good New Year, and an even better 1964! As ever, the naming of the shops differs from the reality to protect the innocent lives.


US: Happy foetus! Merry Christmas!

SG: Indeed.

US: Right. I run a youth club for disadvantaged children, and I'm trying to get hold of a Saturn or a PlayStation for them.

SG: I see. Well, we stock both.

US: I know you do, God bless you. But do you do modifications?

SG: How do you mean, modifications? We do conversions...

US: See, we've got a few kids in the club who are a bit high-spirited, and we need to get the thing "converted" so that they can't damage it.

SG: I don't understand. Converted how?

US: Is there any way, if I buy a console off of you, that you can weld it into a steel frame?

SG: What? How so?

US: Can you not do that? Weld a PlayStation into a heavy-duty steel cage.

SG: I wouldn't have thought so! Where are we supposed to get a heavy-duty steel cage from?

US: Oh I can supply that.

SG: Heh. You have a lot of cages lying around do you?

US: Yes.

SG: No, I'd have to speak to the manager, but I can tell you now that isn't the sort of thing we do.

US: But these kids need hope. How can you be so heartless?

SG: Well... sorry.

US: OK, will you let me come in and weld the cage out the front of the shop. I'll be real quiet.

SG: No.

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