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With Pop Star "Prints"


30 January 1995 - WITH POP STAR "PRINTS"

What's been happening to me? I'll tell you what. I've got a new bath. It's made of frozen chalk and shaped like a see-saw.

It sounds a bit funny, I know, but get this: when I get in it, a whizzer goes off. Also, I've balanced a puppet theatre at one end, so when the water fills up, it falls into the bath. I'm gonna have a bath in this bath now.

3 February 1995 - WITH POP STAR "PRINTS"

I was at a signing for my new album last night. For the occasion I unveiled my latest bath pose.

I lay on my stomach and dipped my chin gently in the foam. This didn't go down too well with one fan.

He grabbed my ankles and swung me upwards into the counter. The top of my head was pressed in, and my arms rolled up like paper.

4 February 1995 - WITH POP STAR "PRINTS"

I held a party at my lovely home last night. All the stars were there: Muncher, Buncher, Trunces, Ralstron and DeBarres, Yencil 45, Foynt and Tot.

They all watched in horror as I got in my bath and wrestled with a realistic rubber cop. The joke was on them, though. I popped the cop with a fork, and he whizzed around their shaking heads.

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