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Trawler Man


27 November 1995 - TRAWLER MAN

I've got a new job as skipper on a small trawler. Under my supervision are Pepe, a small sailor, and Richard Webber, a bat.

Pepe's job is to slash open the nets with a big ski. When the fish spill out onto the deck, Richard Webber tries to count them. When all the fish have been sorted, we throw them onto the roof of the boat, where they're sprayed with silver paint to make them look frozen.

28 November 1995 - TRAWLER MAN

I sailed into port this morning with my first haul. Imagine the surprise on the faces of sailors on the quayside as we stood shivering on the deck with our hands and faces encrusted with barnacles.

When we pulled alongside the dock, my first mate Pepe, angered by the staring on-lookers, rammed a huge stingray into the foghorn and sent it shooting out to sea with a powerful blast. It ricocheted off a buoy and split apart.

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