The Man With A Long Chin's Diary


Golem Designer


6 February 1999 - GOLEM DESIGNER

I've stopped being a cereal designer, and have a new job as a golem designer. In case you're wondering, a golem is a magical creature, created from earth, rock or rubbish, and with no will of its own. I suppose they're a bit like magic robots.

I'm planning to market and sell a range range of golems for the home. My firm's called "Golem-A-Go-Go". Our services include a three-month warranty on most types of golem, excluding water golems and golems made from soup.

9 February 1999 - GOLEM DESIGNER

I've been contacted by the Golem Summoners Guild. They feel that my golem-creating methods contravene article 57 of the Golem Summoners Act from 1947. Apparently, because I'm an illegal immigrant, the magical energies I wield are in direct conflict with the energies inherent in the rocks and soil of this country.

Potentially I could accidentally summon a golem so powerful that not even Doctor Strange, the sorcerer supreme of this realm, could stop it.

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