The Man With A Long Chin's Diary


"Brit-Pop" Band


4 July 1997 - "BRIT-POP" BAND

Last night I thought I'd died, but in actual fact I'd fallen into a scale replica of Heaven, built out of polystyrene.

It's merely part of our stage set for the band's first tour. Apparently I built it a couple of nights ago for a laugh. Unfortunately, when I fell on it, I crushed the Pearly Gates and a small model of St Peter made out of marzipan. This caused my brother and I to have a big fight, which resulted in my arm getting scabbed up.

5 July 1997 - "BRIT-POP" BAND

Unfortunately, my Brit Pop-style band has broken up, following an argument between my brother and I.

I argued that Dr Pepper was better than milk, whereas "Our Kid" insisted that Dr Pepper tasted like medicine, and that was why it was called Dr Pepper. I explained to him that milk wasn't carbonated like Dr Pepper, but he wasn't having any of it. The fight ended when I pushed my brother through the tour bus window.

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