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PlayStation 2 Pre-Order

10 September 2000

Trum-pa-pa-ruppa-pum-pum! It's me - Phoning Honey, the master of the telephone prank transcripts!

Once again I've been calling game shops to give them a piece of my pranking and, with the controversial PlayStation 2 pre-order scheme going live this week, it seemed like a good time to "roll out the pranks".

Hey now - the call words are for real, but the names of the people involved have been changed. Why? I don't know!


IG: Independent Games.

US: Hello, mate. Are you doing this PlayStation 2 pre-ordering thing?

IG: Well we are, but, well, I don't know if we're still taking orders.

US: But you only started taking orders yesterday.

IG: We didn't. Because we're independent we started at the beginning of the week, but we're talking about refunding the deposits so far.

US: Refunding... deposits? Will you refund me a deposit?

IG: Did you pre-order a PlayStation 2 with us?

US: No.

IG: Then we're not going to refund you anything, are we?

US: I don't know.

IG: Well we won't. If you want to pre-order you can come in, but we can't guarantee you a machine this year.

US: You're a very brusque man.

IG: What's that supposed to mean?

US: You're very sharp. Abrasive.

IG: I don't know about that.

US: So, anyway, you want me to place a deposit for the PlayStation 2, but you can't guarantee that I'll get one?

IG: Oh no. We'll make sure you'll get one. But we can't guarantee you'll get one this year. There are only 70,000 coming into the country this year.

US: Look, I don't get it. You want me to put a deposit down for PlayStation 2 and can only tell me that I'll get one... "eventually"?

IG: It's entirely up to you. At least we're doing it the honest way. At least we're saying you may not get a machine, unlike a lot of other shops. And our deposit is a lot smaller.

US: Oo-er!

IG: Yeah.

US: So what's the point?

IG: What's the point in what?

US: Me pre-ordering a PlayStation 2. Didn't I read that the price is going to drop in the New Year?

IG: Yeah, apparently.

US: So why don't I just wait? It'd be like going to buy a round of drinks when I know the price of booze is going to be slashed in six months time, and asking the barman not to give me the drinks until then.

IG: Well it's up to you, mate.

US: And what do you think of the PS2?

IG: It's alright. We've got a Japanese machine set up in here. It's alright.

US: Is it better than the Dreamcast?

IG: Dunno.

US: Are you busy?

IG: Yes.

US: Really?

IG: Yes.


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