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17 June 2000

Hubba-hubba! I'm Phoning Honey, the sexiest telephone prankster you ever did see!

Who am I? What am I? How much do I get paid? Nobody knows any of that - not even me. But I do know that my mission in life is to use the telephone to ring some games shops and yank their pranks.

Get a load of this stuff: this week I called a mail order specialist to get their views on the PlayStation 2. Let me say now - the names have been changed to protect my innocence.


GO: Hello, Game-Order.

US: Hello, love. I was wondering if you had any in-fo-ma-tion on this PlayStation 2.

GO: Right. Well, it's not out until October, I think.

US: Right, right. Do you think it'll be worth buying?

GO: It's meant to be very good. It's the new version of the PlayStation.

US: So, what's so good about the PlayStation 2, love? Can't you tell me?

GO: It's got DVD, and the graphics are meant to be very good.

US: It's got what, love? I'm not sure I heard that right.

GO: It's got DVD. It can play films. The PlayStation 2.

US: What sort of films?

GO: All the DVD films.

US: So if I bought a PlayStation 2, would I be able to watch American Pie on it?

GO: What's that?

US: It's a real funny film. Would I be able to watch that?

GO: I suppose so. Is it out on DVD?

US: Is what out, love?

GO: The film mentioned.

US: I don't really know.

US: Now listen, I understand that new consoles are of the bits. Can you tell me how many bits the PlayStation 2 has?

GO: Bits? I don't know. Let me just go and ask... We're not sure. We think it's got 128 bits, or... or two 64 bits times two.

US: That's as clear as mud, thank you!

GO: Well I'm not really the best person to speak to about that sort of thing.

US: I'm hearing you, love. Anyway, am I able to order a PlayStation 2 from someone like you?

GO: I imagine so, but we've not started taking orders yet.

US: Why is that?

GO: We just haven't.

US: Can you find out why?

GO: I'll ask... Apparently we just haven't started doing it yet.

US: Now I understand.

US: Look, love, you've been really helpful, but I have one last question to fire at you.

GO: Fire away.

US: Who am I?

GO: What... do you mean?


GO: Is this a friend of Tony's?

US: ...Er. Yes.


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