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Arcade Shop

22 June 1996

I am Phoning Honey - the darling ducky who always phones the funnies.

My prank-style calls are now legendary following a daring campaign I ran to highlight my activities.

At the climax of the campaign I climbed up on top of a bookshelf out of sheer spite! In case you're wondering, the shop-style names are actually applied falsies. Ring on!


US: Dad?

PG: Hello there?

US: Hello, dad, I'm calling again about the arcade machine. You sell old arcade machines, don't you?

PG: Yes we do. Which machine was it?

US: The one where the things go up at the start, and go around and leave a line across the screen. Go wiggle-wee!

PG: Uhh... can you remember the name?

US: I can: it was called Super Game!

PG: Superman?

US: Listen, dad, it wasn't that. It's called Space Invaders.

PG: We have two in stock, I think, though one has been paid for. We have a black and white one left.

US: How much will it cost you?

PG: How much will it cost me for what?

US: To get it fixed.

PG: Well, it isn't broken.

US: Yeah? But I came in, and the bloke showed it to me and it was in black and white. No colour at all. It was like a Blackjack sweetie!

PG: It's supposed to be black and white. It's a black and white game.

US: Why isn't it in colour? Colour TV.

PG: It's a really old game, and it's just black and white.

US: What's that black and white tennis game with the two paddles?

PG: Umm... Pong?

US: I agree! You do smell!

PG: Thanks very much.

US: Goodbye!

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