The Man With A Long Chin's Diary




10 September 1998 - SPACEMAN

We had a major disaster last night when our space station sprung a leak. Luckily for us the space station is a shed at the bottom of my garden, and not a real space station in space.

I was able to fix the leak by propping an aluminium ladder against the shed, ascending its rungs, and nailing a loose section of roofing felt back into place, using a hammer and two nails. It was essential that I fix the leak immediately: we have a team of Russian scientists docking with us tomorrow.

11 September 1998 - SPACEMAN

There was a near-disaster aboard our space station last night when a vessel piloted by a team of Russian scientists collided with the station.

Luckily, they were driving the moped at fairly low-speed, and bounced off the side. I dread to think what would have happened if the moped was a Russian spacecraft, and the space station was a real space station in space, and not a shed at the bottom of my garden. Rest assured we all needed a few shots of space vodka to steady our nerves.

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