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Limerick Recitals


22 November 1997 - LIMERICK RECITALS

My freak show has had to close down because several of the freaks escaped and ate a policeman's wand.

My new job requires me to recite a limerick to you:

There was a young man from Leeds,
Whose eyes were made out of seeds,
When he went to the zoo,
He knew what to do,
He'd blink and give the exotic birds a taste of his seeds.

26 November 1997 - LIMERICK RECITALS

Unless I decide to do some more this will be the last day of the limericks. Today's limerick is as much a love poem as it is a hilarious joke poem. Come on now!

There was a young lady from Bath,
Who had the most beautiful laugh,
Her eyes would sparkle,
In the pitch black darkle,
Farkle wobbley wong pong fang fang.

Did you like it?

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