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Festive Fun


27 December 1997 - A PAGE OF FESTIVE FUN!

Wow! It's been a crazy couple of Christmas days, but the fun is far from over. Around this time of year I get together with my imaginary family (a chair represents mz father, a rolled up newspaper in a bowl of jelly my mother, and a couple of clasps are my brothers), and we play games and tell hilarious jokes.

This year I want you to be my family and join in the festive fun fun fun! So come on - let's wish it could be Christmas in every way!

27 December 1997 - A PAGE OF FESTIVE JOKES

QUESTION: What is the weirdest snow in the world?
ANSWER: Brown snow, also known as "impossisnow"!

QUESTION: What did Father Christmas say when he got stuck up the chimney?
ANSWER: Don't worry. I'll be all right.

QUESTION: What's Father Christmas's wife called?
ANSWER: The Easter Bunny!

QUESTION: What do cats get as presents?
ANSWER: Kittens!


YOU WILL NEED: Several sheets of wrapping paper. A musical box. A crow.

HOW TO PLAY: Everyone sits around in a circle, and passes the crow - wrapped in several layers of paper - from person to person. Somone must act as referee, and decide when to activate the musical box. Whoever is holding the crow when the music starts is allowed to open the front door, stand at the opposite end of the hall, and release the crow and watch it fly down the hall and out of the door to freedom.

27 December 1997 - A PAGE OF PRACTICAL JOKES

JOKE 1: Grate a carrot into your palm, and ask to shake hands with a member of your family. Upon experiencing the carrot they'll be freaked out!

JOKE 2: Paint your face with boot polish and hide in a cupboard. When someone comes by leap out. For a split second they won't think it's you!

JOKE 3: Pretend to be sick by regurgitating your dinner on to the floor, and showing it to your father.


YOU WILL NEED: Several sheets of wrapping paper. A musical box. A couple of scorpions.

HOW TO PLAY: Everyone must remove their shoes as the scorpions are released into the living room. Then they must dance in time to the musical box tune without being stung by either of the scorpions.

The last person left standing at the end of the game wins, but has to scoop the scorpions up using the paper.

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