The Man With A Long Chin's Diary


Captain Foam

5/5/99-6/5/99 & 20/5/99

5 May 1999 - CAPTAIN FOAM

Dear Captain Foam,
Could you please tell me the ingredients of shaving foam?
James Lewis, York

Certainly, James: water, palmitic acid, triethanolamine, stearic acid, glycerin and isopropyl palmitate, sodium silicate, Aloe Vera, and a couple of suprises - propane and butane!

Dear Captain Foam,
Can you recommend a really smelly foam?
Mary Wignall, Los Angeles

I swear by industrial detergent, Mary!

6 May 1999 - CAPTAIN FOAM

Dear Captain Foam,
I was thinking of throwing a plate of custard-pie foam at my husband as a joke. Can you tell me if this is safe?
Mrs C Cage, Exeter

It should be perfectly safe, Mrs Cage. Custard-pie foam is mostly water, and specially formulated not to sting!

Dear Captain Foam,
Is a head of Guinness foam or froth?
Harry Level, Brazil

It's froth, Mr Level!

20 May 1999 - CAPTAIN FOAM

Dear Captain Foam,
I'm writing a song about foam. Can you think of any good words that rhyme with "foam"?
Lloyd Webber, UK

Roam, loam and home spring immediately to mind, Lloyd, but I'm sure there are dozens more!

Dear Captain Foam,
When I whip my egg yolks into a foam, and then place them into an oven, they harden. Why is this?
Nevis Vader

They're called meringues, Nevis - and they're a delicious hard-foam snack!

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